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Get a sneak peak at plenty of new features! Test them in our EVP (Early Validation Program)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi NX CAM Experts,


We would like to invite you to join the next EVP, which takes place end of September, to get your hands on new features.


We would like to use this chance to get your feedback early, so that we can fine tune our features before the official release.


Let me introduce to you the new features, which are available for testing:


Flow Milling

Flow_Milling.pngFlow Milling - Reference Tool



Tool Relief for Milling Tools 

Tool Relief.pngEVP Preview - Tool Relief for Milling Tools


Short Smooth Connections for Rest Milling 

Smooth Connections.pngShort Smooth Connections for Rest Milling


Enhanced Bounding Block (Create as Solid Body in part or as Assembly Component)

Bounding Block.pngEnhanced Bounding Block

Mass Edit - Edit multiple operations in one shot

Mass Edit.pngMass Edit

Adaptive Milling Toolpath Generation Performance Enhancements 

Adaptive Milling.pngAdaptive Milling enhancements


Please give us notice of your interest and send an e-Mail to with the following data:

  • Company Name
  • Your name
  • e-Mail adress
  • Sold-to-ID (optional)
  • Features of your interest

You will receive an e-Mail with the instructions on how to register for the EVP.




Lead Product Manager - Mold & Die

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