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Groove milling geometry - Limited geometry selection

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Having used groove milling on a few jobs lately I have come to appreciate how nice it is, the sequencing options are a great tool to have. However I feel that it is let down by not being able to use geometry where the groove is anything other than just a linear undercut.


Attached are a couple of pictures where I think or hope that enhancements have been made. The first is to do with open ended grooves with lead ins or blend radii, the other is non cylindrical grooves. At present I cannot use Groove Milling as it will either ignore the radii or will refuse to machine the part at all.


Has Siemens looked this yet or am I the first to ask? Where do I search for existing ERs so that if submit one, I could add mine to it if there are already existing ones.





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‎03-03-2016 03:23 PM

Re: Groove milling geometry - Limited geometry selection

The new groove operation has just been introduced.

In the past the problem was that operations had all the bells and whistles, but they didn't work properly.

In recent releases the initial release of an operation is offering the bare minimum to function and it will be enhanced as users request it or the development plan suggests.


You can always create an ER, the GTAC engineer will add it to an existing one, if he finds one.

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Re: Groove milling geometry - Limited geometry selection

Hi Stefan

Thanks for the reply, I can see how that approach would work. Start with a basic, rock solid platform before expanding, it makes sense.



ER has been put in #7655734 for anyone interested

Re: Groove milling geometry - Limited geometry selection



Just for referrence I have three ER for Groove Milling with one directed at the Groove milling tool they are as follows.


ER8274460 -- Add the ability to machine half grooves with radial groove operations


ER7436612 -- Add the ability to machine external radial grooves with radial groove operation


ER7453244 -- Please can Groove ( TCutter tools have a non_cutting definable section)


Just if anyone is interested in this functionality.


Vericut 7.3,7.4.1,8.0.2

Re: Groove milling geometry - Limited geometry selection

Those are some nice enhancements, if they get implemented it would be quite an improvement!

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