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Grooving operation in turning NX9

When I try to machine groove with insert 3mm wide this is what happens:


machined grooves are 4mm wide,not machined are 3mm wide, multiple machined region option selected,and no rounding of corners.Why 3mm wide grooves can't be machined?




When I set 2.99 wide insert  I can machine all grooves with 2 passes each,no rounding of corners.




If I want to machine grooves with rounding of corners r0,1 , I can't machine anything.Why?


Re: Grooving operation in turning NX9

If you assign axial trim planes or some trim points you will be able to plunge a size on size groove. However, this will only cut one groove per operation. I do not know if it is possible to do all of these grooves in one OP without either lying about the tool width or using a negative stock value in custom boundry data.

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