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Head D'Andrea.

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Hello everyone.


It would be possible to use this head in Nx Cam?

To make turning operations. It does the turning operation by using a servo to increase and decrease this diameter.

With this it is commanded by the U Axis, the movements are linear.




Re: Head D'Andrea.

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Briefly, yes (I've done it)

- define operations & tools using turning template

- MCS at hole CL, MCS +Z pointing "out" of hole

- you need to link a turning post to do the actual output (Personally, I prefer separate turning & milling posts, rather than trying to glom them together into one post, but you can glom them together if you want).  Having separate posts means you have to use the HEAD UDE to change posts (I assign to Method objects in "Seed" part for the machine).  Having them in one post means you have to figure out how to do it (maybe by operation type in "start of path"?)

- I typically have users program them as a series of operations

  1. Milling operation (generic motion or drill-"Standard Text..." cycle) to get the tool loaded & in proper position/orientation at front of "turned" section
  2. Turning operation(s) to machine the part (one or more, as needed)
  3. Milling operation to "go home" for next tool change
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Re: Head D'Andrea.

I have implemented it as well. If there are a lot of centerlines to use it - it is a bit combersome to make all the turning mcs's - but it is necessary. If they are on angles - it can be more trouble requiring a transformation (one of my implementations was on a right angle that could be turned on non-orthogonal angle.) One of the two axes will be one of the original linears and has to be set in virtual alignment somehow.
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Re: Head D'Andrea.

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Solution Partner Pioneer

Thank you..


Smiley Very Happy

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