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Heidenhain post

Any suggestions on a starting post for a Horizontal Boring Mill with a Itnc530 ISO programmed. Axis X, Y, Z, B, V, W   Where V is the machine table, W is the machine quill, and Z is the machine ram.  Note, V, W, Z are collinear.

Thanks in advance



Re: Heidenhain post

No advise for heidenhain. Parallel axes - look at pb_cmd_zw_axis.tcl in the custom command directory. Basically you would manually set two of the parallel axes and drive the third. The best approach I think is to set the one that is driven to represent the part coordinate at tool tip (by presetting all of them.) The example uses the set_axis ude to manually position the two dead ones and the live one is controlled by cam. The example uses MOM_before_output routine to do final adjustments to all positions. I have experience with Siemens controlled machine matching your kinematics - the ideal situation is if the control has a automatic tracking feature.

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Re: Heidenhain post

If it should happen that the Z axis travel is not sufficient to reach "top" to "bottom" in a single operation you can put some logic into the post so the output axis switches on-the-fly between W and Z.  I've seen it done.  The V is usually positioned by a UDE.


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Re: Heidenhain post

I agree with George on how nice it would be for travel limits to be evaluated from operation start to finish and V be set accordingly. The machine I am working on - the ram only has one meter travel and there is a big rectangular table plate with a B rotary. In addition there are 4 heads. It is best if the post can see machine position and evaluate travel limits to automate decisions. I think - based on the code I have seen out of the box - the post will have to be heavily customized. If you know someone that has this experience - or are willing to spend the time on it yourself - be prepared for some work and/or cost for a good post for this machine configuration.

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Re: Heidenhain post

I have played with this on a 2 axis (W&Z only) Siemens control.

What I did was:

- write a "flag" line at beginning of operation

- as I process op, for each line, I keep track of max/min "z direction" value, and B value

- after op is done, calculate closest position table can get to column (taking into account table corners & B axis, plus 1" clearance).

- replace "flag" line with proper table position

- quill then deals with the Z motion during the operation.

- Note this requires a (reasonably) accurate tool length


Not a trivial task!

I have UDEs to control which axis is "manual", and alter the position from the "automatic" positioning done above.


I also check axis limits as needed & warn if they are exceeded.  Also suggest (if possible) nominal (min) tool length required.

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