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Helix Spindle Speed Engagement

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I'm using the hole milling operation for a particular circular pocket in my part and I was wondering if there was a way to cut the spindle speed in half while using a helical engage into my part with a square endmill. I know I can cut the feedrate in half but without the ability to also cut the spindle rpm in half my part is bound to work harden as soon as the cutter gets a little dull. 




Re: Helix Spindle Speed Engagement


This could be achieved in post.

A UDE with either engage spindle speed or factor.

On engage move edit spindle speed to engage speed.

after engage reinstate to original.

end of operation cleanup values.

Re: Helix Spindle Speed Engagement

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I agree but it is not user friendly.

Maybe putting this ude to operation template will be better too

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Re: Helix Spindle Speed Engagement

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Valued Contributor
Hmm, so there isn't a way to do this without using UDE's?

Re: Helix Spindle Speed Engagement

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I think you'll have to use UDEs (although you may want to submit an IR/ER to GTAC to add this to the operations in a future version).


I was going to suggest:

- Set the spindle speed/RPM in the feeds/speeds dialog to the RPM you want during the ENGAGE move

In the "start" events, then try adding

- "Approach Marker" UDE (I thought there was an "Engage Marker", but apparently not)

- "Extra Spindle On" UDE with the cut params


But now I don't think that will work for what you want to do (as you would need the "engage" marker).

If that is that case, you could use the "extra spindle on" but add "AFTER ENGAGE" in the text, then in the event handler, check for that text and NOT output the "S...M" right away, but check for the engage event to be over and output it before the first non-engage event.

You could also create your own UDE, which would eliminate having to putz with the default event handler for the "extra spindle on" UDE.






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Re: Helix Spindle Speed Engagement

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Valued Contributor
Definitely going to submit a ticket to GTAC because this functionality is crucial for applications like the one I'm working on and everybody could benefit from it (especially our beloved endmills). Its a little perturbing to know that some free CAM software out there already come with this functionality. I don't want to be that guy and say that because when it comes to functionality, NX Cam is awesome but little things like this get overlooked for more complicated features that the developers like to add. Don't forget the little thing fellas!

Anyways thanks for the help. Adding UDE's is currently over my head though I intend to learn NX inside and out once I'm done with engineering school.

Thanks again.

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