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Help Needed in Multi-Task set-up




I am a user of NX8.5 mostly in manufacturing.

I am having difficulties in setting up a DMG/Mori CTX beta 1250 TC. The problem is that when I try to simulate a turning operation, the B-head is not indexing itself at 90 deg.

I have tried using other multi-task machines with a synchronised tool path and it works, but when I try do sync the toolpath with this machine it gives me a initialization error. The machine is a dual-spindle, b-head multi-task.

Also I am experienced difficulties at the start and end events.

There are a lot of RG type parameters (RG779; RG721, etc) that I do not quite understand. Is it possible to get some sort of list with these RG parameters explained ?

I have tried searching the internet for them, but I could not find them.


Could someone help me with my two problems ?

Thank you

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