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Re: [Hole Making] Tool Drive Point


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Dennis Rathi
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Re: [Hole Making] Tool Drive Point

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Hi Glen,


Thanks for the info.


The toolpath drives the tip (unless explicitly defined otherwise), the actual tip length adjustment is no issue.


My interpretation is that you're having a problem when you need to enter depths manually, in case you don't have a part with modeled holes to have the infer do it for you, right?

You have a set of locations and drilling depths and and just want to key in the given values, right?


If yes then probably model depth is probably the best setting for you (Model depth always defines the total (tip) depth of the feature). Select the points and key in your depths ...


The example below shows a simple block with points (no holes), height of the block is 8. I have created and operation, set Model Depth, picked the points and keyed in a depth 7.5 (to stay away by 0.5) and generated the path ...






Re: [Hole Making] Tool Drive Point




This gives me the result I am looking for.


The "Use Predefined Depth" is missing as an option under "Common Parameters." It would be nice if "Use Predefined Depth" worked with "MODEL_DEPTH." I often copy and paste an operation, and it saves time when the operation retains this value for re-use. Also, selecting multiple holes from the list is an added step. I click in the field with the holes, and use Ctrl-A to select all the holes. 

Glenn Balon
Production: NX 12.0.2 MP10 Primarily CAM

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