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Holes scare me

Love NX. Love the 3D finishing power, versatility and flexibility.

But those **bleep** holes. Any time a part has a hole - or even worse - a tapped hole or chamfer, I get the shivers. Pulling teeth is preferable to using fbm hole paths and legacy holes isn't exactly cutting edge. I've read the helps and seen the videos - still stuck. Am I just dumb or are others having these issues? BTW I don't have a license for editing fbm rules, maybe this is the problem?

Harri "he who hates holes"

NX 10.0.3

Re: Holes scare me

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

"Pulling teeth is preferable", ouch, that hurts !!


Can you give a bit more information, an AVI, a part file, a few sentences with a bit more detail that show us where the pain starts so that we can try to help and/or improve.


Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development

Re: Holes scare me

Too busy to make up anything just now.. but main problems are with tapped holes;

Tap drill larger than modeled hole -> behind booted
This is not a hole -> b. booted seriously
Chamfer: never seem to get the tool to go to the correct height, have to use manual override
Tap: will ignore the tip and thump into the bottom by default. Forget to compensate and rear end gets a booting again Smiley Wink
Automation for finding holes and applying desired sequence: undoubtedly there but never managed to get it to work.
Copy/paste inside and repick -> operation gets buggy and will not generate

So I end up manually tweaking every miserable hole. Man I hate holes Smiley Wink


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