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Horizontal 4 axis Post

I'm looking for some help on a 4 axis post I created. I created a post that outputs a Main program and also an offset program. My problem is that in the offset program, it creates G10 L20 P line for every operation it reads. I'm looking for a command that will only output the G10 L20 P line only if it does not exist in the offset program. I'm attaching the files along with this thread. The C1-196-1 and C1-196-1-csys are the programs that get output now. I'm looking it to output like the C1-196-1-csys_atlered program. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Re: Horizontal 4 axis Post

Can you post your part and current post?

Re: Horizontal 4 axis Post

johnvincent  I hope everything is in here that you need. I haven't had time to clean it up yet, so please excuse the mess.

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