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How Insert Nose Radius affects the Output in Post Processor in TURNING?


Hello All,

Our shop is currently in stage of transition from manual program to NX Cam in Turning.

When doing manually, I program exact the TIP of the insert (NOT the Center Point of Nose Radius),  and it doesn't matter with G41/G42. I just ignore the Nose Radius.


But when I use NX, the nose radius I choose will affect the output program.


For example, I want to start engaging at X4.9092 Z12.067 in MANUAL

With NX, with Nose Radius .031", it will output X5.027 Z12.098.

and Nose Radius .062", it comes out X5.1448 Z12.129.

If I want to output exactly what I want in manual, I have to change NX Nose Radius = 0.


My questions are:

  Should I always choose Nose Radius = 0 if I want to make the program consistenly as what we're doing here ? and what we're doing in the shop, is that a correct way to program?

  How does Nose Radius affect the Output in NX? I noticed Z was added by the specified Nose Radius, but I dont know how X works?

  If I run this program from NX, the part will be Undercut in Z and Overcut in X, how Can I overcome this (by using wear offset maybe) to make cut as much as I want in manual?


Thanks so much for your responses!




Re: How Insert Nose Radius affects the Output in Post Processor in TURNING?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you replay the toolpath, the cyan (and other color) curves show the points that will be output in the posted code.


The "point" of the radius that is used is defined by the tracking points tab (in the tool definition) and (if multiple are available) which one(s) you select in the operation (tool block -> "select tracking").


Note you can also output what you program now, by turning on the option (non-cutting moves -> "More" tab) - turn on cutter compensation, then check the "output contact/tracking data"  - but note this MAY only apply for when you are on the part (when G41/42 is active), not for clearance moves.


Most places I've worked output tracking point (for an OD tool, upper turret, left spindle) P3, then touch the tool off in X & Z, and cut what is programmed with no G41/42 (note this means the tool corner radius in NX *must* match the actual tool on the machine).  If adjustment is needed, the operator adjusts the X and/or Z wear comp as needed.



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP16/TC11.2
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Re: How Insert Nose Radius affects the Output in Post Processor in TURNING?

Thank you so much Ken_A. You really enlightened my mind.

Following your instructions, I found out I got wrong tracking point. It's a OD 80degree, and should be P3, but I chose P9 (button insert).

Thanks again Ken_A


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