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How To Create Cycle 205 Universal Pecking In NX?

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How to create cycle 205 universal pecking drill in NX?

Did NX post processor support this?


Hope to hear from your advise.






Re: How To Create Cycle 205 Universal Pecking In NX?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


test it, but if postprocessor doesnt support it you have to edit pp.


On NX side you have several cycle types you can select in operation and post processor react on cycle events.

On PP side you have to edit certain cycle event where you want 205 output.


On NX side there is no cycle type which has such many parameters like cycle 205 needs.

You have to do most of them hard coded or customize cycle through UDE editor - add more parameters to existing nx cycle type or create new custom cycle event.



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Re: How To Create Cycle 205 Universal Pecking In NX?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Looking into the cycle parameter list for a Heidenhain UNIVERSAL PECKING (Cycle 205, DIN/ISO: G205) it seems like -from drilling operation customization perspective- all cycle parameters can be covered by extention of ootb cycles (by modification of the cdl file) with standard cycle parameters.


An example to extend the Drill_Deep system cycle with system parameters is described here

Re: cycle83; DAM parameter negative value NX10.


As a reference, look into the cycle parameters list for a "Single Moves" cycle (e.g. a cycle with chip removal) to see what could be added.


A couple of notes:

To specify a deepened starting point, activate the Rapto Offset (by Distance), this motion will go with the engage feedrate. The Feeds table contains a couple of relevant feedrate type, including engage, retract feedrates.







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