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How do you easily get the same return or gohome point in multaxis machining

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have a part in a mill turn where I drill one side, then rotate it 180 degrees and drill the other side. When I select my gohome/return point it has to be 180 degrees from my From/start  point in order for it to be the same point. So if my start point is X5 Z5 then in order for the return point in my post to read X5 Z5 then my point in the CAD MCS would have to be  X-5 Z5. It seems that the coordinates in the post are modified to match the tool axis.


Is there anyway in NX CAM where I can have the Same start and return point with C axis movements with drilling or other milling functions.  These holes have to be centerdrilled, drilled then chamfered and I really need an easier or quicker way of selecting something incase there is a design change.

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Re: How do you easily get the same return or gohome point in multaxis machining

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I personally prefer to leave all motions outside of the Clearace to be handled by the postprocessor.
I do not know exactly how your workflow is in this case, but in NX you would need to set your new gohome point based on the last point in the drilling operation.

Since your geometry and hole positions may change when geometry changes, it is not even guaranteed that your from point can stay at the same position.

I always let the postprocessor retract to a safe position (first X and then Z, or any other logic) to go to a virtual home position.

You cannot see the point in verify, but machine tool simulation will show you the result.

With an UDE you could determin if you want to retract fully, or just to a virual gohome point.




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