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How to activate multi postprocessing?




Attached Robs NXCustom variables. How can I activate a multiple cores on mi workstation, or are they active?


# Use Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) if multiple processors are found




Re: How to activate multi postprocessing?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Search your syslog (Help -> NX log file) for UGII_SMP_ENABLE

if you see UGII_SMP_ENABLE = 1, you are using multiple cores for the specific functionality that is set up to use multiple cores

Note that NOT all of NX (/parasolid) code is capable of using multiple cores.

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Re: How to activate multi postprocessing?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

From ugii_env_ug.dat it seems that it is no longer necessary to set this variable manually.


#  This variable enables Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) on systems
#  with multiple CPU's or that support hyperthreading.  Performance will
#  be improved in certain Parasolid operations, such as Mass Properties,
#  Booleans and silhouette generation.  This option is only supported on
#  platforms where Parasolid supports multi-threading.
#     Set to 0 to disable SMP
#     Set to 1 to enable SMP
#     Unset will take the Parasolid default


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