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How to add a UDE into post configurator


Hello Folks


I am new to Post Configurator, I was wondering how to add a UDE into the post. 

I want to add a UDE to select the coolant as air(M72) or water(M73)

The following pictures show my workflow, but I can not get the output

Need help.





def.JPGDEFude.JPGUDEtcl.JPGTCL editor


Re: How to add a UDE into post configurator

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello Sean,


2 hints maybe solve your problem.

First one is that the mom_coolant_type_mode is the value from UDE and if you use it in your template with mom_sys_coolant_code you should set the following:


set ::mom_sys_coolant_code(AIR) "72"
set ::mom_sys_coolant_code(COOLANT) "73"


Then i just see that your template name is different to the call, remove the "set_" and it will be called. Smiley Wink


Following picture shows the rebuild from your information:



And one additional hint, even if the value in the UDE options is a mix in lower/uppercase, internally it will be converted to Uppercase, it's the same for the standard mom_sys_coolant_code(xxx).


Best regards


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