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How to create customized CMM inspection template


I am trying to create customized templates fro CMM inspection programming. The steps followed are:

1. Open an inspection part, delete unwanted features, paths, and part. Save it in the resource library with some name under metric/ english units under template_part folder.

2. Remove unwanted parts, etc. if any which are of no use. right click on the features and from Object->Template Setting choosing the below option as "Parent.....". Save and close the template.

3. Create a new .pax file saving it in the UGII or User dir (If don't have write access in installation folder), edit the details and giving the paths etc. Save it. Close all Parts.

4. Open (New-> Inspection tab-> selecting the created template) the template and give new file name and folder path where i want to save the inspection setup. But in part to reference box, i am confused what should i open? and also if i try to open the part file for the template it throws me error as "Part file not loaded." Please refer the image....


Does anyone have the idea or correct approach (in case i am following the wrong one) to open the saved template???




Re: How to create customized CMM inspection template

The template part is the top level assembly, and it contains a placeholder component identified as the target. I would start with a copy of one of the OOTB templates. 


In use, you open the part you want to inspect, then go to file new and select your template.

The part to reference is your work part.

When you OK, the target part is replaced by your work part.


When you create a new pax file, copy from the OOTB pax file - you will need the header info and then edit one entry, delete the rest.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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