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How to download a Machine Tool Support Kit?




We are are looking to get hold of a post processor for a Mazak Integrex.


Before contacting any companies to get some quotes I have checked the GTAC Siemens PLM download server. Here there is a MS Word document describing a 'Machine Tool Support' kit for a Mazak Integrex MTSK 100-400. Is this kit something that is free to download or more just telling us what is available to purchase?


If it is a download, how do you go about downloading the kit?


Thank you for your time.

Daniel Sharpe


Hi,   post processors at the GTAC website https://downloa...

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter



post processors at the GTAC website are free to download for those who have a valid webkey.


SPLM used to have MTSKs available on the price book but they are discontinued.


Talk to you local SPLM sales person or check out the SPLM PP catalog at



Roland Rieger


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