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How to enable RTCP

Dear All, I want to create 5 axis post table table in NX post builder. I don't know how to enable RTCP in post builder.
Sina shojaee

Re: How to enable RTCP

Not a switch - just use mom_mcs_goto for positions instead of mom_pos. Siemens posts have a ude that switches into center point. Looking at that may be a help..

Windows 7 Pro

Re: How to enable RTCP

Is there a OOTB post fanuc for 5 axis for C table and B tool Rotation? 

I just upgraded from 9 to NX10 and used OOTB sim7 5 axis metric BC TH kinematic model and matching post.

I can see that simulation is working nice, but post is missing G43.4 lines, while local coordinate systems G68.2 are nicely posted.

is there a Fanuc post with example of TCP?

Best Regards

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