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How to generate CLSF using OPEN C API ?


Hello Everyone,
I would like to generate CLSF, using OPEN C by executing dll files through NX.
So far, I already used the function:


int UF_SETUP_generate_clsf

tag_t setup,
tag_t group,
const char * clsf_name,
const char * output_filename,
UF_SETUP_output_units_t output_units



after I executed the dll file nothing happened. I wonder is there a procedure to use the function ?
in my case I already defined the CAM configuration session and it is working.

but for custom application I want to generate di CLSF through dll file, and using what has already defined in CAM session.


thank you'


Re: How to generate CLSF using OPEN C API ?

I'm not a C programmer, but it seems to me that you need to specify the clsf name to be used, such as CLSF_STANDARD. There is UF_CAM_opt_ask_clsf_names to get a list of the available CLS formats that can be used.


If you contact GTAC, the CAM team has a couple API experts who should be able to provide you with an example.


Is there a reason you are not using the API? I just recorded a journal and see that it is available:


objects1(0) = cavityMilling1
workPart.CAMSetup.OutputClsf(objects1, "CLSF_STANDARD", "D:\users\rief\nx9\test_cut_dir_alternate_9025.cls", CAM.CAMSetup.OutputUnits.Metric)



Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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