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How to get a pos with PB?

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Hello everyone, I have a question want to ask you


How to get the pos in PB, NC codes output: G00 X-330.0000 Y119.1960 Z-26.4681


I'm sorry my English isn't very good.


Thank you!





Re: How to get a pos with PB?


I am not sure which of these you are asking about:


mom_pos - Defines the machine tool coordinates of the goto point (affected by kinematics.)


mom_mcs_goto - The tool path goto point as it would be output to a CLSF. The position is output with respect to current MCS programmed in the operation


mom_csys_matrix -  Matrix that defines the mapping from the current local coordinate system to the main coordinate system. This matrix will be output with MOM_csys event only. The first nine elements will be a 3X3 matrix. The 10th through 12th elements represent the origin.


mom_msys_matrix - Matrix to locate the current MCS with respect to the Absolute Coordinate System.


mom_msys_origin - Defines the relationship between the current MCS (machine coordinate system) and the ACS (absolute coordinate system).

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