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How to hide detatched stock in IPW?

I am doing some slot milling that will drop 2 pieces of unmachined stock.  How can I remove these pieces so they do not appear in subsequent operations?  What I have done in the past is create a new blank model for each operation, but it seems that the IPW method should be able to handle this. Thanks! I am using  NX10.0.3




Re: How to hide detatched stock in IPW?

The removal of scrap pieces from the IPW model is an existing enhancement request 6789464. We plan to add this in the future, but it is not currently scheduled.

As a workaround, I would create a dummy operation to cut the chunks.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: How to hide detatched stock in IPW?

Thanks Mark. The dummy operation works. Do you leave the dummy operation in the program for simulation and then just drag to "Unused Items" when you need to post?

Re: How to hide detatched stock in IPW?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

In order to avoid dragging back & forth, I'd set up the program order view



--- Dummy op

--- Group to post ("POST_ME"?)

------ Operation 1

------ operation2

------ ...


For simulation/verify, use "PROGRAM"

For posting, use "POST_ME"

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP16/TC11.2
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