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How to reset the path display colours in NX Manufacturing?



If I change the tool path display colours for some reasons, how to reset it to DEFAULT colours ?

e.g. - RAPID motion colour, First cut colour, Stepover motion colour, engage motion colour etc...

Please see image attached for more clarity.


A little background... The default display colors are inh...

A little background... The default display colors are inherited from the method. When you change the colors in the operation, this overrides the inheritance from the method. In the operation, all of the motion type parameters are inherited together - color, feed, and units.


So the way to restore the default color for Rapid is to turn the inheritance back on, by checking the Feed Rapid box in the Details panel in the Operation Navigator, and applying the change with the big green check. But be aware that the rapid feed and units will also be reset to the inherited values.


If you want to use different colors a lot, consider editing the method. For example, if you could change the color of MILL_FINISH to something different, and any operation you create under that method would use that color (and feed).


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: A little background... The default display colors are inh...

Hi Mark,

That worked for the new parts created in NX 6 or in NX 7.5. However pre NX 5 or 4 parts & templates(created from NX CAM parts as custom templates, with default colours),colours are changing to different for each motions and the colours are not changing to default NX tool path display colours by the method suggested by you. How to reset these to default ?

Re: A little background... The default display colors are inh...

I would make a journal to set the colors. You could do it for all operations, or selected operations, or methods.
Go through a OOTB operation and write down the color numbers, such as:
blue 211
green 36
cyan 31
red 186
magenta 181
yellow 42
white 37

Now record a journal, edit an operation, and set the display colors. For example, pick engage, type 42, enter, to set it to yellow.

This journal can now be adapted to run on any or all operations. there are some samples in Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications\.NET\CAM to give you an idea how it works.

Then you can assign this to a button and just hit it whenever you want th colors reset.
Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: A little background... The default display colors are inh...

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Community Manager
@Mak_Jo, you can check out Mark's recent tech tip presentation on creating Journal files:
Derek Hart
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Re: A little background... The default display colors are inh...

Attached is a journal that will reset the path display colors in ALL the methods in the work part to the current defaults. Assuming all the operations are inheriting, they will all use the new colors.


Just rename the file from .txt to .vb, and then run it from NX using Menu > Tools > Jounal > Play, or Play on the Developer tab.  If you find you need to do this often, I would make a button for it in your UI. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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