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How to save X,Y,Z measures with NX probing?

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Hi all,


I want to use NX probing module with renisaw probe. I want to save all my measures with this probe. How can I do it?


Thanks in advance.


Re: How to save X,Y,Z measures with NX probing?

Are you talking about save results to variables like this?


G54.1 P1
G5 P0
G00 G90 X8.375 Y-13.0
G43 H1 Z14.5
G65 P9510 Z12.5 F50.0
G65 P9511 Z12.0 Q0.15
G65 P9510 X7.375 Y-14.0 F100.0
G65 P9510 Z11.5 F50.0
G65 P9516 X7.875 Y-13.5 Q0.1
G65 P9510 Z12.5 F100.0
G65 P9510 X20.375 Y-1.0
G65 P9510 Z11.5 F50.0
G65 P9516 X19.875 Y-1.5 Q0.3
G65 P9510 Z12.5 F100.0
G49 Z30.0
Jake Hardwick
CNC Programmer
Senior Aerospace AMT
Production NX8.5.3.3 Beta testing NX10.0.1.4

Re: How to save X,Y,Z measures with NX probing?

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Hi Jake,


Yes, is correct.


I want to use this variables for:

1-Tool lenght compensation.

2-Stock Verification for remachining.


I am using renishaw probe and manual code plus a VB macro.

I want to avoid this and program all code on NX CAM with probing toolpaths.




Re: How to save X,Y,Z measures with NX probing?



We aren't using the probing module in NX as we have set up UDE's for all our probing operations.


Most of the probing cycles supplied have the ability to write to standard variables and as Jake shows you can change them to whatever you need.

I don't know if this is along the lines of what you want and of course you would need to create UDE handlers in your post, we use a linked post so that all probing can be used by multiple posts.

If you look at the Renishaw probing manual for the cycles you use it will have all the information about what variables gets written to where, if you want you can change this to whatever variable you need.


Hope this is of some help sorry if I have got the wrong end of the stick.




Vericut 7.3,7.4.1,8.0.2

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