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I would like to set the decimal point.


Hi. Engineers.


As I understand it, I know the default setting to point 16 digits.


But I want to use only three decimal places. What should I do?





Re: I would like to set the decimal point.

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Esteemed Contributor

You can't change the display in the dialogs as far as I know.

The system will always consider double precision.


The post-processor will output to what ever precision you tell him to.

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Re: I would like to set the decimal point.

The system stores double precision - you cannot change that. Like @Stefan_Pendl said, it is the job of the post to round off to the correct precision for the control.


The display in the dialog is an NX-wide setting:


Menu > Preferences > User Interface > Options > Dialog Boxes > Decimal Places.


Also found in Customer Defaults > Gateway > ...

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