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INDEX TRAUB "3head" toolholders for CSE

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Now I have new interesting project for TRAUB TNL18-7b, CSE animation. And one moment is using turning toolholders with 3 pockets, with +-13 deg orientation.

TRAUB_HOLDERS.pngW7040012 toolholder



The first problem - I cannot specify tool angle for each pockets on the turret - only one field for this value and if I set any value (-45 for example) this value aplyed for all pockets. If I set rotation angle for each pocket in device model - in this case I must create 8 (12, 16 depends on turret) different devices for each turret's pocket. For my example with -32; -45; -58 deg.

And - too complex tool correction calculations for "shifted" pockets... I solve it, but - a lot of SIN, COS, SQRT....

May be you can advise more easy way? Some "incremental" angle for pockets? $TOOL transformation?


Re: INDEX TRAUB "3head" toolholders for CSE

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Very nice and great job! :-)


to avoid a complex sin/cos calculation it can be helpful to use matrices and vectors. 



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