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IPW Showing up in Assemblies.


I'm currently working on two parts. I have machined side one of each piece and my plan was to make a fixture plate for that I could bolt them to so I could run them both at the same time. The hole IPW from my first machining operatinos carries over into the assembly and makes working with these extremely annoying. Even worse, when I go to delete them I either run into a memory access violation error or another one I haven't been able to replicate. 


How do I get rid of this?




Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

Can you change from entire part to the model reference set?

You should also make sure, that the model reference set of the components only includes that actual part, nothing else.

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‎07-26-2016 12:49 PM

Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

Hi Imperial,


without knowledge about the NX release you use...


How to fix this?

1. Just hide the two components temporarily.

2. Then set the selection filter to "Solid Body" and draw a rectangle around the IPW bodies.

3. Put those IPW bodies to hide.

4. Put the two components to show again.

This was an issue during ~NX9.0.3.x and maybe early NX10.


I hope this helps

Best wishes,

In production NX D3

Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

I'm using nx 10 and I have all the updates installed.
The problem I'm having is even when I hide them, if I click the check mark on and off in the assembly navigator tab, it unhides them... Deleting them just causes errors.

Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

If under the assembly load options I keep the Part Version to "As Saved" and change the scope to Structure Only, will that only load the part and keep the machining features out of it or is there at way to do this?

Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

I got the other error to pop up. When I try and delete the IPW, if my mouse passes over where it used to be it pops up. It reads "A tag was passed belonging to an object that could not be found"

Re: IPW Showing up in Assemblies.

Hi Imperial,


Please, see the post in the link below.


I hope this help you to understand what's going on.

Jean Marcel

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