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IPW Volume

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 Hi my name is Ilikel ( I.likel.L) 


using NX10 or NX11 looking for a solution how to determine the volume of IPW or Restmaterial as Data.

Or is there any method to make volume data from IPW? The Volume i see is always volume of the part.


Is there anyone to help me.


Thank you all




Re: IPW Volume

There is a way to measure the volume of IPW, but it requires a few steps.


First, you must make a facet body out of the IPW. This can be done with the Verify Tool Path dialog. To do this, select the operation from which you would like to calculate the remaining volume and select the Verify Tool Path command. In the Tool Path Visualization dialog, select 3D Dynamic and set IPW to Save. Select the Suppress Animation option and then Forward to Next Operation in the animation options at the bottom. When the calculation is done, select Create under IPW and then you must select OK to close the dialog. If you select Cancel the facet body you just made will disappear and you will have to start over again.


Now you have a facet body from the IPW, but you must convert it to measure the volume. Change the current application to Modeling. Now select Menu --> Edit --> Facet Body --> Convert. In the Convert Facet Body dialog, keep the Facet Body Type option to the default setting of Convergent and the Input Body option to Delete. Select the facet body you created and then select OK.


This convergent body you just made can have its volume measured. Under the Analysis tab in the Measure group, find the Measure Body Command. In the Measure Body dialog, select the Show Dimension option and you can select the convergent body and see the volume, surface area, mass, radius of gyration or weight of this object. If you want to save this information, select the Show Information Window option.


Let us know if this helps.

Re: IPW Volume

Note - I believe the convergent stuff is NX11 only?

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Re: IPW Volume

Yes, this Convert Facet Body command is in NX11 only.

Re: IPW Volume

Hi JKane1,

Thank you for your reply. I tried to check it out, but i have no licence. 

Sorry and thank you very much


Re: IPW Volume

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