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ISV Simulation of Heidenhain TCH PROBE cycles.

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I am trying to find out if Heidenhain TCH PROBE measuring cycles are supported by ISV. The cycle I really want to simulation is CYCLE 427 Measure Coordinate.


Inside the CSE driver it there are commands for TCH_PROBE_500, TCH_PROBE_501 etc, but the Heidenhain cycles on the 530 and 640 control are numbered in the 400s: TCH PROBE 420, TCH PROBE 421 etc?


Are the 500 series cycles used internally by CSE? Is there some information on this please?




Re: ISV Simulation of Heidenhain TCH PROBE cycles.

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Jules,


first of all, there a no TNC probing cycles shipped with NX cam, neither for 640 nor for 530 controller.

The commands you see e.g. TCH_PROBE_500 are prepared in ccf file to call a subprogram. But as I said, the subprogram itself is not available OOTB. For legal reasons we are not allowed to ship them with the installation. So if you want to use them ask the customer or the manufacturer to get the cycle files in plain text and put them into the subprog folder of your machine. 

If you want to call e.g. TCH PROBE 420. Simply add a subprog call within the mcf file with Machine Configurator.


2017-10-26 09_49_20-Machine Configurator - [H__kits_mach_resource_library_machine_installed_machines.png



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