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Ignore areas that require plunging


I was wondering if there was a way to ignore machined areas that require plunging or ramping into the work piece. I'm setting up a cavity mill operation and I want to machine as much as I can with my one cutter but I don't want it ramp or plunge into the workpiece, I just want it to enter the workpiece from the outside. Without figuring out the lowest Z value to achieve this is there anyway to automatically do this? 


For reference the part is kind of shaped like the top of a tooth molar. 



Accepted by topic author Imperial
‎10-31-2016 07:48 AM

Re: Ignore areas that require plunging



Re: Ignore areas that require plunging

Thank you very much. The name of the function is a little misleading but it did exactly what I needed it to do.

Re: Ignore areas that require plunging

You can also adjust the minimum ramp length in the engage move. This will keep the tool out of areas where there is not room for a large enough ramp or helix.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Ignore areas that require plunging

I never thought of that but I suppose it would work. The part was fairly large which is why the Ignore "Small" areas operation mod didn't register to try. Thanks for the ideas though.

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