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Importing a Machine



My company recently procured a MultiCam 5000 series 3 axis CNC machine through a private sale.  I called multicam asking if they could provide me with a machine driver or post to be able to simulate and post toolpaths with. They said NX should be able to provide me with what i need.  I searched on GTAC and couldnt find any downloads for my machine. I looked in Machine tool library and my machine is not there. Do i have to pay to get the machine tool built? Where can I procure a multicam 5000 series driver or post to import. Please forgive my ignorace. This is my first time setting up a machining environmnet from "scratch" if you will.  Any help would be great!


Re: Importing a Machine

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You need a machine model from the machine manufacturer or create a CAD machine. Your CAM vendor will create the data to simulate the machine and set it in the cam, and a license is required to simulate the machine.



Re: Importing a Machine

To create your own machine, you need an assembly of the machine, and then you add the kinematics with machine tool builder. You may not have a license for this. 

Many users start with one to the sample machines that is similar to theirs, copy it, and start modifying. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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