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Incorrect feature recognition with holemaking

I really want to get the hole making options to work correctly, but I am not having luck. I created a shaft with a cross hole and chamfer. I would like to use a center drill to create 60 degree chamfer for the hole which I defined first with a step drill. The issues are  that the cone geometry it create is an incorrect diamter and and it only goes in tip depth.


I later tried again using a 90 degree countersink tool and a 90 degree chamfer on the hole. Just using that, the part is being gouged.


I am wondering how I can create a chamfer in NX in a cross hole using a center drill?



Using NX

Re: Incorrect feature recognition with holemaking

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How are you creating the chamfer?

Note if you just use the default "chamfer" icon/settings, the chamfer may not be at a constant angle to the cross-hole.

(take cross sections parallel to, and perpendicular to, the shaft axis & measure the angle) relative to the cross hole CL)

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Incorrect feature recognition with holemaking

The chamfer was created with a sketch and then a revolve.

Using NX

Re: Incorrect feature recognition with holemaking

You would have to change the manufacturing rule in MKE that is creating the operation.


If this is not a regular case, changing the depth in the operation should do it.

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