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Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

[ Edited ]

I have been programming a very large part, file is huge. Our designer added a few udates that did not impact my programming. But, I did want to show these updates when I make my plots for our shop docs. So I updated my one linked body, which I only use for reference and creating my shop docs. I have a second linked body of the same component on another layer which I simplify out the holes, stock shutoffs, etc. for my manufacturing model to create toolpaths from. Being the changes he made did not affect my programming I chose not to update the second linked body, it showed in the part navigator as out of date, showed in my geometry group as I wanted, without that update in the geometry, and I continued programming. All toolpaths were up to date with my geometry group unchanged and all was well. NOT!! Before the update my rough and semi paths were all calculated and gouge and collision checked. Since I updated my first linked body only. Now I started running finishing paths and they show they want to cut this new geometry, even though it does not exist in my part geometry of my geomtry group. Then the toolpath showed gouges because of running this updated/not updated geometry because it is checking it against my part geometry that shows the geometry not being there.  Again, I never let that linked body update purposely. When I show my part geometry in the geometry group, it will not show up, but the tool wants to cut it. Apparently in the background because I updated my 1st linked body (not in my geometry group) it still knows it is there even though I did not update the linked body used in my geometry group for my toolpathing. Is this normal behaviour? Never happened to me before. So now I updated my linked body and fixed the areas of my simplified that blew up because of the update and reran the necessary toolpaths. Wish I could show the file but is 500meg at this point.  I am using NX ,


Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

Hi mcarstens,


if, by mistake you haven't referenced any of the changed body I would assume there may be an incident.


If you call the "update list" command on e.g. the first operation that went to regererate, what does the list window say?


With NX I saw some issues, too. If you need to stick to, then go for MP2.


Best wishes,

In production NX D3

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

[ Edited ]

We're are on MP4 - Sorry I should have mentioned that also. As far as updating the components, I had it showed my design component updated. I had "delay updates" on so my linked bodies would not update automatically. That way I updated my 1st linked body of the design component using edit with roll back. I left my second linked body alone knowing it would blow up some of my simplification features. The update the designer made I would have simplified out anyway and I figured why go through the process. This is a very large and complex part. As it turned out after catching why the toolpath was gouging I had to update that linked body and re-simplify the geometry. Had to look over other toolpaths and approved the ones I could and regenerated the ones I feared were affected adversly. I did not have 2 parts in my geometry group part geometry, I turned on wire frame and would have noticed the difference in the features.

Checked and doubled checked. Then had my colleague look at it to check me again. If someone wants to use GoToMeeting and look at that file I "saved as" to another folder. I invite them to see what is going on, but it is 500meg, too big to send.

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

I haven't followed the details, but I think you have an operation with the edit status "Regenerate" when you do not expect it. If that is the case, I have the same question as @JSchraitle:


Select the operation --> MB3 --> Object --> Update List.

What is listed under "Parameters Affecting Tool Path (Regenerate Status)" ?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

Below is the results from the update list:


Information listing created by : mcarstens
Date : 8/28/2015 2:39:00 PM
Current work part : K:\Bemis\D276_CenterHood_7606_095\UG\update_linked_body_issue\d276_det600_core_update_linked-body_
Node name : pc30
List of Updated Parameters

CONTOUR_AREA_2 Need to Post
Parameters Affecting Output (Repost Status)
Commands: Changed by: CONTOUR_AREA_2
In Process Regions: Changed by: CONTOUR_AREA_2
Unloaded Regions: Changed by: CONTOUR_AREA_2
Holder Description: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Cutter Holder Libref: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Tool Catalog Number: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Cutter Libref: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Cutter Previous Libref: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Partfile Name: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Feed First Cut: Changed by: CONTOUR_AREA_2
Feed Stepover: Changed by: CONTOUR_AREA_2
Tool Length: Changed by: INSERTED_.750_BALL_3.1
Stepover Distance: Changed by: NonSteep Containment
Stepover Distance: Changed by: Steep Containment

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

Did you change the tool? For sure that would flag the tool parameters, cut regions (based on tool R), and stepovers based on tool dia.


If that's not it, I would get on the phone with GTAC and walk them through this. .

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

Thanks Mark,

The tool is not the problem. I'll get a hold of GTAC Monday. We are moving to NX10 shortly, maybe will be better there. Love for you to see the file. Somtimes it's hard through chatting to understand some of these things fully. I never ran into this before and I've been using NX since UG V11.

Thanks again, Mike

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)

Not sure if this would be the issue, but if sometimes if the designer changes the identification of the geometry then you will loose associativity. For example if your designer deleted a fillet and then added a new fillet than the identifier of the fillet and maybe neighoring surfaces might be different. This would can cause a problem with the tool path.

Using NX

Re: Interesting "linked body" issue (NOT)



IR number is 7487799 in case you have access to it.



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