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Journal for Customize Dialog


I am in the process of creating custom probing cycles by adding them in the Customize Dialog as "User Defined Move Type", in the Sub-Operation Manager. 




I'll be creating quite a few of them and would like to automate the process a bit, but it doesn't seem like the commands used to create these are getting recorded by the journal.  Any suggestions here?  Perhaps there's a copy-paste option I'm not seeing?  I'm also surprised that I am unable to delete the new items I create.





NX11.0.2 MP10


Re: Journal for Customize Dialog

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

You will have a lot of surprises on this way.... When you build final version of your sub-operations and, may be, install new MP or MR - you will see "mixed" sub-op names (labels) and dialog content..

I can say - this set of sub-op is fragile like glass....

Re: Journal for Customize Dialog

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Valued Contributor



I am also surprised, because I can delete items I created in NX12 MP4. Perhaps it is an issue in your version.

I have this problem quite often that the journal does not record a command, but I need it in my NXOpen code. Probably since the converter of the commands to VB codes is object base, it is not able to record the commands that are not linked to an object (for example opening a dialog such as verify tool path). My solution is to explore NXOpen and develop your own codes to activate the process you want. It always works for me very good, However, most of the times it is exhausting to adapt and debug the codes.


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