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Lathe, Citzen L20.

Good morning, could anyone tell me if NX can do a simulation with this machine?


Lathe, Citzen L20.




Re: Lathe, Citzen L20.



overall ISV CSE is able to support swizz style machine tool too. There are some other posts in the Forum about that topic.


Customization is needed for sure and might need experience.


What controller is that machine tool?

Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: Lathe, Citzen L20.

I did a same. HANHWA XD12, NOMURA32, Index Traub 18 TNL 7b

Re: Lathe, Citzen L20.

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I'll get more information with client, about the machine ..


Thank you very much.



Re: Lathe, Citzen L20.

Will wait.......

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