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Linear move, turn or face?

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Good day,

I ask for your support, I am doing a postprocessor for a lathe with dynapath control

I need to make a difference when it is a movement cutting "x" and a cut in "z".

With which variable in the post builder can do these differences



Re: Linear move, turn or face?

An easy way to see the active variables is to use the review tool.



John Joyce, Manufacturing Engineer,
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Re: Linear move, turn or face?

How can I do that?

I want to know how to divide the linear cutting motion in axial or radial, for example

(1) Z1.9, "cutting Movement z"
(2) x9.82, "cutting Movement x"
(3) -1.82 z d9.96 "Movement in both xz"
(0) z4.0 "quick motion"


I want to prefix the numbers (1),(2),(3),(0) for each type of movement,


Re: Linear move, turn or face?

You can use mom_pos() array (position tool is moving to in this motion) and mom_prev_pos() array (position it is moving from) to do this.  Note there is also a mom_last_pos() array, not sure the difference from mom_prev_pos (other than last_pos doesn't include the rotary axis info, which I'm guessing isn't important for you)

Code something like:

global mom_pos
global mom_prev_pos

set moving_x 0
set moving_z 0
if {![EQ_is_equal $mom_pos(0) $mom_prev_pos(0)]} {
    set moving_x 1
if {![EQ_is_equal $mom_pos(2) $mom_prev_pos(2)]} {
    set moving_z 1
# logic based on moving_* variables here



Note if drill cycles are involved it gets more complicated (mom_pos & mom_prev_pos are actually the point on the top surface of the part for the current & previous hole)



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Linear move, turn or face?

I am beginner in programming post, I put this code in a custom command and then how I print to the code post?

thanks a lot

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