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Link Operation Note to engraved text


I would like to have a record of the text being engraved in the posted program.


ie: have it as a comment in the start of operation.


Does anyone have a method to link the Operation note to the drafting or PMI note selected in  "Contour Text" and "Planar Text" operations.


The review tool doesn't show the note text as an available mom variable.


The Operation note doesn't allow linking to expression or attribute string


any thoughts please




Re: Link Operation Note to engraved text


Engraving 20 lines of text on 20 jobs where half the text is different for each job.

I had to do this for my own sanity.


Here is a signed dll, example post and source in c if anyone is interested

Compiled with NX9 headers and lib


no warranty use at your own risk etc






Edit: forgot UF_free on one value

Re: Link Operation Note to engraved text

@agrivas, thanks for sharing your automated solution.


Interactively, the only thing I thought of was to store the text in a text file, and then import the same file in to both the drafting/PMI note and the Operation notes. Not associative, but a little more structured than a simple copy/paste.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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