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Re: Lock Axis Issue

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Putting the Lock Axis Issue to bed!


It was necessary to move the code I mentioned above up to just inside the closing bracket of the switches that test for a rotary lock axis condition.




global mom_sys_lock_arc_save

global mom_kin_arc_output_mode


            if { ![info exists mom_sys_lock_arc_save] } {

                       set mom_sys_lock_arc_save $mom_kin_arc_output_mode



            set mom_kin_arc_output_mode "LINEAR"






The return "ON" statement should be left where it is, just before the closing bracket of the

SET_LOCK command.


The lock axis command MUST be canceled in Machine Control of the Drilling or milling cycle you are using. The Status must be left in the default condition of ACTIVE and the Locked Axis set to “Off”. It makes no difference how the locked plane is set. When this is done Lock Axis will call the SET_LOCK tcl command passing the mom_lock_axis variable set to “Off” allowing it to enter the OFF switch to reset the mom_kin_arc_output_mode to FULL_CIRCLE it’s default value.


No cancellations are required in the Operation End Sequence in Post Builder as suggested in my earlier comments.

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