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Lock down a computer to specific bundle?


I purchased a foundation bundle for a few extra computers in the shop to share to just open files. Is there a way to lock these computers down so they can't grap other licenses off the server?


Re: Lock down a computer to specific bundle?

Ken_A 1st Gear
1st Gear

You need to set up an OPT file for your license server.

With that you can

- create a host list

- exclude that host list from using the regular licenses

- include that host list on the foundation bundles

- (if you want) exclude other hosts from using the foundation bundles


Look for the Siemens & Flexera docs

- SPLMLicensing_user_guide.pdf (look in the NX install DVD or ZIP)

- fnp_LicAdmin.pdf (try the Siemens license server ZIp you download from the GTAC download area)



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