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I'm creating a 5-axis positioning post that needs the XYZAB relative to MAIN at the first rapid and then the motion of the operation be relative to LOCAL. (There's a sub call at the start of the local motion that works like a G92). I think I can trap mom_csys_matrix to get MAIN coords while the operation is in the LOCAL mcs but I'm not sure how to convert them into mom_pos(0-5).

The motion during the operation is only 3-axis, no rotary.



(first rapid needs to be relative to MAIN)

G0 G54

X3.454 Y4.876  < these are the values I need

A25.3 B56.9      these are the values I need

Z1.2                    these are the values I need


SUB CALL - like a G92, (xyz's are now relative to the current position)


G1 Z-.01

X.002 Y.01

X.05 Y.03

X.. Y..




Do I do it in mom_before_motion?

How do I reset the kinematics?





Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Not a direct answer to your question, but one thing I've noted is that if you change kinematics in the initial/first move events, the mom_pos values are still in the "old" kinematics setup (i.e they don't get changed)


One possibility is to use the mom_mcs_goto variable? 


Anyhow, mapping from one CSYS to another is "standard" matrix algebra - you should be able to Google the math you need.  And there are some MOM functions that should be useful search for "VEC3" - e.g. VEC3_unitize).

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