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I'm trying to simulate one of my created programs on my own created kinematic model.

Herefore I'm using a CAM program with 4 different MCS's whick are ranked under "GEOMETRY".

Does anyone know how I need to classify each of them (Main/Local & "Fixture Offset" =1 or 2) and ranking them?

I'm using "Sinumerik" controls.


I also read something about: the MCS_MAIN needs to be placed at the same location and orientation as the MACHINE_ZERO coordinate junction of the machine tool.

Is this right?



Please let me know, if you know something!




NX7.5 / Native








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Hi Thomas,


welcome to the discussion forum.

The MCS settings depends on how your postprocessor works with offsets.


Our best practise is (how the ootb samples work) and as you already mentioned, to bring the machine zero jct together with the main_mcs in location and orientation.



The Csys settings should follow the (bestpractise) rule:


MAIN_MCS   --> Purpose: Main | Fixture Offset: 0

Local_MCS 1 --> Purpose: Local | Fixture Offset: 1 (G54)

Local_MCS 2 --> Purpose: Local | Fixture Offset: 2 (G55)

Local_MCS n --> Purpose: Local | Fixture Offset: n (G5n/G50n)

ROT_MCS n -->  Purpose: CSYS_ROT | inherit from n: (CYCLE800/PLANE SPATIAL/...)


You can read more detials in the provided documentation about MACH simulation content --> ...\mach\samples\nc_simulation_samples\Working_with_OOTB_MACH_Simulation_Examples.pdf


or you play around with the nc simulation samples. A good starting point is the Sim08 







Hello Thomas,


Thank you!

Well, I've just copied the OOTB example sim03__mill_4ax because my milling machine is a 4 axis machine (Z&C part-side / X&Y tool-side). So I'm using the OOTB CSE and Postprocessor of "Sinumerik" type of the sim03_mill_4ax sample.


Abouit the MACHINE_ZERO_JCT, do I need to adjust the location of it each time? Because it isn't on the same location every time you use a different part. It's now located on my clamping plate which is located on my rotary table (C-axis).


About the Csys settings you mentioned,

Do I need to create an extra MCS (MCS_MAIN) Fixture Offset: 0 and rank my already specified

MCS's under this new MCS?

Or do I need to specify my 1st used MCS to "MAIN" and the others to "Local"?


Greetz Thomas


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Siemens Phenom

1.) You have to adjust it initialy in your CAM-Setup when you replace/add the machine to the CAM-Setup


2.) Look into the documentation. You´ll find in the appendix an overview about the settings and NC output from the ootb postprocessor


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