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MKE operation code explain




I was wondering is there any document or table that explain the operation attribute code in Machining knowledge condition tab of MKE. I knew that these codes are relative to the tool path setting in the NX CAM. Some of them are easy to understand by their names, but others are difficult to tell. I went through the help doc of MKE, but didn't find any explanation.  


Re: MKE operation code explain




You are right! Basically, in the MKE you can find the same settings than in an NX operation.


Probably, the information you need is not in the MKE User's Manual because it is related to the settings of the chamfer milling operation. 


In the following links, you can find some information related to the chamfer milling operation.







Salvador Peregrina
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Re: MKE operation code explain

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A bit of background information for those interested in this topic. The internal database names of operation parameters are often different from the names that you find in the NX User Interface.



The MKE customization provides extra information to help you find which internal database name (as used by the MKE) matches which parameter in the NX User Interface. You can find this information by going to the "Customization" tab in the MKE, expand the "Operations" object and e.g. select the ChamferMilling operation class. The "NX Dialog" column shows where you can find the "Attribute" parameter in the (English) NX User Interface. So if you e.g. search for the "Path Settings -> Cutting Parameters -> Strategy -> Cutting -> Cut Direction" you will find the matching internal database name to be "Cut_Direction_Type" (this is an Enum Type with values "Climb Cut" and "Conventional Cut"). You can double click on any one of the columns (e.g. "Attribute" or "NX Dialog") to sort the list to help facilitate your search.OperationCustomization.png

















Tom van 't Erve

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