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Machining Data Library setup


Hi everyone, we are currently investigating how to set up the initial MDL

First are there any good papers about it out there available?

Second, knowing it uses part-material [inherited from workpiece], tool-material [inherited from tool] and operation method [inherited from method]. If you hit the set-machining-data button, what will be the mechanism to start gathering the necessary information, knowing that two totally different tools can have same tool-material?


All good tips are welcome to make this a good implementation.


Thanks in advance, Bert Claessen, soon NX10/TC10


Re: Machining Data Library setup

My basic recommendation is to save whatever works, and remove whatever you don't use.

First, I would search here for the phrase "set machining data".

There is also quite a bit of information in the help.

If you are interested in the algorithms, you can reveiw the tcl code.

 When looking at the tool parameters, the system also uses the diameter, length, and flutes in the calculations.

If you have 2 tools with the same parameters and tool material that require different settings, and you can't differentiate using methods, you might look at adding more tool materials. This is what we did out of the box for HSM end, ball, and bull nose cutters. 

If you want specific speeds and feeds for a particular tool regardless of any parameters, then you can assign tool machining data for library tools. I see this used on spot drills and chamfer cutters, for example. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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