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Managing Tool Holder Libary


I just purchased my first HSK63 machine for the shop and I'm wondering how I can manage and sort the tool holder libary so when I'm programming for one machine I don't see the Cat40 holders and visa versa?



Dennis Rathi
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Re: Managing Tool Holder Libary

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Assuming text libraries (not MRL)

When you export the tool to the library, it asks you for a holding system.

(there's columns - HLD/ HLDDES - in the text file for this info)

These are defined in dbc_tool_ascii.def


Depending on your level of comfort customizing NX, you can just "assign" the numbers to specific spindle types, or you can edit the .DEF and add ones specific to you.


Unfortunately, retrieval doesn't have a "built in" filter based on this field (you would have to do something in "Additional search criteria"), although if you have IS&V setup for the machine, the SPINDLE object does filter on it.  I'm not sure if there's a way to customize this in.


Yet ANOTHER option...

Create 2 different tool library files (one for each holder type).  Point each machines configurtion.dat file at the appropriate library's .tcl and .def files.


I'm not sure how MRL does this.





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Re: Managing Tool Holder Libary

If you deal with the tool assemblies (tool + holder), then this is the Holding System that you see in the dialog when you retrieve a tool.


You would add HSK, and then select that option before you search. So if you have a "tools" in the tool library with HSK holders included, you are set.


If you want to deal with the holders separately - for example you want to retrieve a holder for an existing tool, you would need to do some work. These separate holders are really focused on the shape between the tool and the spindle, for collision checking and visualization, not the mounting system or the internals of the holder.


If you want to identify the holders separate from the tools, one workaround would be to use the holder libref or description. For example instead of HLD001_nnnn, use HSK_nnnn as the libref.

In the search dialog, enter HSK* in the libref, or add the Description field and enter HSK* in the description. Both are shown here, but you would only want to use one of them:


Mark Rief
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