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Manufacturing details showing in drawing


I've been using NX for about 6 months after 15 years of Pro/Engineering and having some growing pains.  We are a small shop and I have been asked to start using the manufacturing module to post process for CNC milling.


So now that I opened manufacturing and created a program for a part, the drawing now has the manufacturing details imbedded into it and the details of the actual part are hidden. 


How do I turn off or hide the manufacturing details in the drawing?




Re: Manufacturing details showing in drawing

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Do not create a CAM setup inside of a design part.

NX does not force the part file separation like Pro/E does, but you are encouraged to do so anyways.

Make sure that your design part is a component of a separate drawing part and that it is also a component of a separate CAM setup part.

Enforce the master-model concept and build assemblies wherever possible, which makes reusing parts much easier.

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Re: Manufacturing details showing in drawing

Like @Stefan_Pendl says, use master model. Looking at your CAD part, did you go to File New, Manufacturing, Reference Existing Part, and choose a setup?

What do you mean by "manufacturing details"? Generally, nothing should be visible unless you are in the editing something in the Manufacturing application. 

Also, as a general tip for new users, go to Menu, Help, Manufacturing Tutorials, and at least go through the first 2-3 tutorials.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Manufacturing details showing in drawing


Thank you, I changed my approach to start using the master model theory.

I appreciate the help.




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