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Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole

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I have a STEP1HOLE which I have tolerated with F8. So know I have many STEP1HOLEs

and I just want that the tolerated hole will be find.


my condition for the tolerated feature



my conditin for the non-tolerated feature:



But the System does not regocgnizes the tolerated hole, it assigs the tolerated hole to the non tolerated mapping feature.




Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole

Hi Muddi,


Have you checked if the parameters DIAMETER_1.LOWER and DIAMETER_1.UPPER are recognized in the MKE?


Do those values match the dimensions expected for an IT CLASS 8?

Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole

Hello Salvador,


Yes the MKE recognizes the parameter upper and lower. The other features are not toleranced,

they are standard from mke, the DIAMETER_1.LOWER is -0.2 and DIAMETER_1.UPPER is 0.2.


The IT-CLASS 8 is for 0.0xx, so it should not match the the non tolerated features.

It works know, because I have changed the condition for the non-tolerated feature in

DIAMETER_1.LOWER + DIAMETER_1.UPPER = 0 so the non tolerated features are matched and

and the tolerated feature is also mached as it should.


What is the difference when i create severel condition rules in one mapping rulesnip_20170620123820.pngor create for each condition an extra mapping rule ?

Accepted by topic author Muddi_91
‎06-21-2017 03:20 AM

Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole

Hi Muddi,


I think there is a misunderstanding about the concept of IT CLASS.


Normally you can see those parameters in the Feature Navigator of NX after the Feature Recognition.


In the picture below the STEP2HOLE feature has an IT 12 tolerance.


IT 12IT 12

In the picture below the STEP2HOLE_THREAD feature has an IT Class 5.






There are many ways to modify the UPPER and LOWER values of your features:


1. Applying a PMI to the feature, this only applies to the feature (s) with a PMI.

2.  Modifying the "feature_tolerances" file, this applies to all the features detected during the Feature Recognition.

Hope this helps.





Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole

Hi Muddi,


Were you able to solve this problem?

Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole



yes I have, but my mapping condition is specifly searching for IT-CLASS() = 8.

For the IT-CLASS() <= 8  I am not finding the toleranced feature.

So maybe i have to change the standard toleranced which are given in the feature_tolerances ? Where can I change that ? Thank you.


I have modifyed one STEP2POCKET_THREAD with a PMI of IT-CLASS 8







This is the standard toleranced STEP2POCKET_THREAD without PMI. asdf.png






Re: Mapping Rule for Toleranced Hole



For a hole of Diameter 16 with and  IT CLASS = 8, the difference between the UPPER and LOWER dimensions must be 27 μm.


The "feature_tolerances" xml file is placed here: \MACH\resource\feature, there are two folders, one for the metric system and the other one for the english system.


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