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Mass edits of OPerations & UDE


I'm hoping someone can answer if there is a way to mass edit mfg operations and UDE's. Opening, change, regen on many operations is time comsuming. 


Operations: I would like to be able to edit multiple operations of the same type for "global" settings. IE: Depth per cut, Speeds and Feeds, etc....


UDE: anyway to apply UDE's to all selected operations.


Any way possible?




Re: Mass edits of OPerations & UDE

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

From the context menu of a bunch of selected operations you can bulk edit the UDEs, but any existing UDEs will be deleted if you don't select them for all.

For example, you have one operation with GOTO and ROTATE and one with only ROTATE, editing the ROTATE UDEs for both in one go will remove the GOTO UDE.

There is PR#7516304 to have this fixed, which is currently still open.


F&S can be edited from the context menu too.

How about using the F&S library and enable "Set machining data automatically" through the customer defaults, so you have always the correct settings for feed, speed, cut depth and step-over?

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Re: Mass edits of OPerations & UDE

You can define indentical UDEs on multiple operations by selecting them in the Operation Navigator, MB3, Object, Start Events. There is no OOTB way to mass edit existing UDEs. From inside each operation dialog, you can also copy UDEs from another operation. What exactly are you changing? There may be a way to inherit the parameters instead of using UDEs.

You can mass edit feeds from the Operation Navigator. You can also inherit them from a method. We tend to focus on using machining data libraries for feeds, speeds, depth per cut, stepover; rather than mass editing.

If you are doing this a lot, there is an API for UDEs, so it might be worth the effort to write a journal.  

Mark Rief
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