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Methods to encrypt the post.



Is there a way to encrypt the Post Processor, built in Post Builder.
My company is about to let another company do some preparation in NX but to know that they get the right results, we need to deliver a postprocessor but we do not want to show all our "special".

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Re: Methods to encrypt the post.


The methods I have heard of:


1.) "License control" in PB. Requires permission from Siemens - is their product. Maybe only for partners.

2.) TCLPro encryption. Creates TBC extention - uses a dll to unencrypt on the fly. As Windows and NX changes - may not work at some point. Seems to not be compatible to encrypt entire PB generated TCL.

3.) Put special code in a dll either to encrypt or to code the feature.

4.) Use Post Configurator - I don't know what options there are - seems there are other formats of encryption - maybe open to end user.


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Re: Methods to encrypt the post.


Can you provide a sample on how to use each method?

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