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Mill Turn PP question

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Hi all,


We have a Okuma mill turn machine with Y axis available, now I'm trying make a PP for this machine. My selection from PostBuilder was 5-Axis with Rotary Head and Table, due to the machine limitation, it is almost can not move along negative value in Y axis when X is in negative value, and I see there are two possible program outputs (+Y axis with -B rotatry head) and (-Y axis with +B rotatry head). 


My question is how to force PP output (+Y with -B) configuration?  Is there any mom command or setting I can do?






Re: Mill Turn PP question

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You can do one of a few things. 1) You can tighten up the B limits on the fly. This will tell the cam generator to give the post the solution you want. 2) Or - before output of a solution that is going Y negative with X in far enough - you could intercept it and overwrite it (more work.)


B limits:
This configuration - the 4th axis is your B.

global mom_kin_4th_axis_max_limit
global mom_kin_4th_axis_min_limit
set mom_kin_4th_axis_max_limit "360.000"
set mom_kin_4th_axis_min_limit "0.000"


Whenever you load kinematic variables that you want NX to use - it can have already been too late for NX to use them to affect the postions you have currently. The simplest way to activate the new limit is to put a ude in a start event of an object above an operation that you want it to affect (upper level method or geometry or tool or program) and put this code in that ude handler. Then you want to set the limits back at the appropriate place.


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Re: Mill Turn PP question

Thank you, I will try to add UDE at Start event. Smiley Happy


Re: Mill Turn PP question

What I do...

I put a sketch in the seed parts for each machine w/axis limits.

Sketch has a "C axis value" expression to rotate axis limits boundary around spindle CL.

Users (NC programmers) replay toopath (looking end-on) to see if they can get the whole thing to stay within the sketch.  If so, they can then use "Rotate" UDE to get the C axis into the proper position to do the machining (you may want them to use the "reference only" / "rotref" option)


If it still doesn't fit, then do the appropriate thing to use (Okuma) G137 or (fanuc) G12/G12.1/G112 mode to use "virtual" Y axis.


You can also add custom commands to check positions against limits, and add this check in all appropriate events (rapid/linear/arc move; drill cycles; etc.)  Note arc move may be a bit tricky if you don't use the "quadrant limited" option

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Re: Mill Turn PP question

I wonder if the recent offering of "post configurator" may be more closely linked to ISV replay to check for collisions and select alternate solutions. This seems to be something ICAM is pursuing (post and simulation cooperation.)

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Re: Mill Turn PP question

Thank you all of your suggestions.Smiley Happy

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