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Modal SubProgramm in CSE

Next little problem. I have a drilling cycle for OKUMA, G181. I create in Machine Configurator G181 custom command, inside it I read all parameters for drilling (depth, increment, etc).

Problem is:

if I set final Command CallSubProgramm("G181") - subprogramm run once, no problem.

But I need repeat it while G180 will cancel G181.

Example of programm from СТС Machine:


N1846 G94
N1847 G181 X-9.6 Y-16. Z-9.294 C0.0 K0.0 F200. E.1
N1848 X-9.6 Y16. Z-9.294 C0.0 K0.0 F200. E.1
N1849 X15.056 Y20.704 Z-17.614 C0.0 K8.32 F200. E.1
N1850 X15.058 Y-20.704 Z-17.614 C0.0 K8.32 F200. E.1
N1851 G180
N1852 G0 Z6.206


My CSE simulator do line with G181 , thats all.


Ok. I set SetGlobalModalSubProgram("G181"), I set SetModalSubProgramm - no result (exacly - repeat for G0 and G1 lines, but in my example no G1\G0).


I open OOTB examples for FANUC, I did a same - not working.


Any advises?



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