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Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

Hi everyone,


Im trying to force an ISV (GROB 550 - 5 axis table table nutating) change the way it machines to behave more like it does in production. The one we have had a modification in the CYCLE800 so that everytime it is called it has a preference to rotate the table -180 so the part is upside-down most of the time.


So far i understand iv'e got to make changes to the CSE Driver files, I tryed modifying the ToolChange.SPF file adding a A-180, it works for the first operation, but it doesn't stick afterwards (i do understand why), so I need a different solution, what im thinking is changin the CYCLE800, I just dont know how.


Does anyone have an idea?


Re: Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

I have a Grob G350....

Why are you moving the table at Tool change?
The whole advantage of the Grob is you can leave the table still and grab a new tool.



Re: Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

The cycle800 itself picks the solution.


From my understanding is your described problem a topic how the picker selects between two possible solutions. The internal CSE function checks if two solutions exists (based on the limits). If two exists, like in your case both are delivered  or better provided to the cycle and the NC code of the cycle800 itself takes care which one is picked. With the ISV CSE simulation (today) you use the OOTB shipped cycle as part of the SinumerikSL_Cycles.cyc file. That is based on Sinumerik Version 4.4.


You can check the limits of the axis to influence the picked solution. Also check the values of the TC_CARR variables so that they fully match the one from your machine tool. In the OOTB Example they are defined inside the file TC_DEFF.DEF


Hope it helps


Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

Maybe I wasn't that clear, moving the table at Tool change was an idea to force the GROB to work upside-down, I am modifying the behaviour of the ISV, to match to what ours does. And as I said, the change probably needs to be made at the CYCLE800 where the table reorients to have the next working face normal to the splindle, and what I need is for the new CSY to be inverted, hope this make it clearer

Re: Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

My post writer made a UDE for me to work upside down. Its to select the alternate solution. Maybe you could do this? Working upside all the time  isn't a good plan unless you always make small parts because the travel upside down in y is not equal to travel normal. Maybe G550 is better about this?


Re: Modify the ISV Behaviour to machine "upside-down"

Yes! I think that will work perfectly for what we need, can you share that UDE? Or a source of reference to write it?


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